Banqiao old water pipe cracked

A water pipe rupture occurred at the intersection of Nanya South Road and Banqian West Road, Banqiao South, New Taipei City yesterday morning, causing 32 miles of water outages and affecting about 7,500 households of water. After repairs by relevant units, water has been supplied at 4 am this morning. The department stated that the water company had not yet found the cause and could not determine the location of the leaking water pipe. At present, protective measures have been taken for the water pipe and a repair method has been developed. According to the Department of Maintenance, the excavation at the construction site to a depth of 4 meters yesterday revealed that the water pipe leakage had not broken. If the water pipe was broken, it would cause the road surface to bulge and a lot of water would flood out. The water company has implemented water diversion measures to divert water to the side ditch on both sides and restore road traffic. The Department of Maintenance Engineering pointed out that due to the large number of pipelines, if the project is to be dismantled and then repaired, the project will take 3 to 4 days, which will affect local traffic. The water company will first develop countermeasures and then repair the water pipe.


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