Invisible health risks! How often should I clean my household water pipes?

How long has your water pipe been cleaned? Even if the water looks clean, there may be hidden secrets in the water pipe! Waterway cleaning experts said that more than 80% of the people came to ask for help, but in fact a lot of scale, rust and bacteria have already been generated inside, not only the pipeline may be rusted and damaged, but it may have an impact on health for a long time. once? Come and hear what experts say. With equipment on the second floor, these large and small buckets and instruments are tools for cleaning water pipes. Water pipe technician vs. resident: "The construction process complies with water craftsman regulations, and the entire use pressure is 10 kg lower than the water pipe pressure resistance." This apartment is more than 40 years old. Mr. Zhang just moved in for a month. He also prepared a vacant room for his family to live in, but the problem of the pipeline must be dealt with first. Resident Mr. Zhang: "Because when the water heater was changed before, the master of water and electricity looked at the water pipe and said that it would be useless to wash it after six years of use." I turned on the faucet in the bathroom and switched from cold water to hot water. I didn't expect the water flow to decrease instantly. Master Cai, a technician who cleans water pipes: "The diameter of the pipes is the same. The amount of water should be the same. If the hot water is relatively small, it means that there is rust or blockage in the hot water." The master first connected the washing machine and the high-pressure machine from the source pipeline. A lot of rust appeared in the water that was initially discharged. The formal cleaning only began. After diluting the edible citric acid, it was flushed into the water pipe to wait for dirt. Soften and begin to rinse after 20 minutes. Master Cai, a cleaning plumbing technician: "The colors will get darker." After the neutralization of citric acid, the algae and rust stains become darker and darker with the flow of water. It is difficult to imagine. This is the water that is used every day for grooming. Reporter Li Dingli: "We are actually observing the changes in the water flow now. You can see that the water is still rushing out now. In fact, it has taken about ten minutes for this shock to flush. The color of the water has also changed from the original patina to now. It gradually turns transparent, but you can see that there are still a lot of impurities being continuously washed out. These are the scales that have been in the pipeline for a long time. " For long-term use of water pipes, scales will gradually appear on the inner wall and breed bacteria and heavy metals. Long-term drinking may cause gastrointestinal discomfort, but almost 80% of the people wait until the blockage is serious before they come up with a solution. Xiao Peng, a washing water expert: "(commonly) the tap water coming out of the iron pipe (presenting) is yellow-brown, and then the copper pipe is green patina like the copper pipe of our water heater. Then the groundwater does not need to hit citric acid, how to wash it is black . " And if it is ignored for a long time, it is more likely to cause pipeline damage due to serious corrosion. Therefore, experts remind that in addition to impurities or color changes that can be seen by the naked eye, if there is an uneven flow of hot and cold water, or there is a sudden cold and hot situation in the bath, it is necessary to Pay special attention. Master Cai, a technician who cleans water pipes: "The water pipe is blocked and there is insufficient water when the water is not flowing. The water heater will not ignite, and there will be no hot water. It will happen more often when the weather is colder." Waterway cleaning expert Liu Shirui: "(Assuming) you have n’t washed the cups every day for five or six years. Do you think there will be scales? Assuming that the materials are clean without any problems, most of them are clean. It is recommended to clean it once every five years or so. " Especially in old houses over 30 years old, almost all of them are iron pipes. Residents must pay special attention to corrosion. In addition, even new houses, it is best to clean them before moving in. Waterway cleaning expert Liu Shirui: "(new house water pipes) can't be sold in a short time, it will be put first, so it will be coated with a protective oil or some ... it will be put on something just after it comes out, so even if you pass our water , It still cannot be cleaned. " Xiao Peng, a water pipe expert: "We have cleaned a new house, and then we found a leak after it was washed, because the original water pipe was stuck at the leak point. After we cleared the leak point, it started to leak." But after all, cleaning water pipes is not a panacea. Experts explain that cleaning is actually closer to the concept of "maintenance". You can find the problem of the pipeline by regular maintenance and then find a suitable reinforcement strategy to truly ensure the safety of water at home.


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