Water pipe replacement The water pipe in my home is blocked. What can I do without dredging agent?


The sink in the kitchen at home must be cleaned of vegetable residues to keep it clean and smooth (Image source: Adobe Stock). Because the water pipes in the home are old, they are often blocked. One day, he cooked a delicious dinner happily. After enjoying the delicious dinner, when the son was washing the dishes, he found that the water in the sink was getting fuller, only to find that the water pipe was blocked! I do n’t want to go out and buy dredge so late, what should I do? If the water pipe is blocked, even if you poke it with a wire, it will only use the obstructions you see, but how to deal with the accumulated dirt that has been fixed for a long time? The water pipes in the sink often have some vegetable residue directly washed in, and tea, small garbage, dust and dirt can also cause blockage, but it is no longer digging deeply, what else can you do! Later, I asked some neighbors who had encountered this phenomenon to say that in fact, the method is very simple, just pour about 125 ml of baking soda into the water pipe of the sink, then pour 125 ml of distilled white vinegar, and then quickly plug the sink with a drain plug. When the reaction sound inside stops, finally pour the boiling water into the sink to wash away the remaining vinegar and baking soda, and you can easily solve the problem of the sink blocking! And this method is effective because when it is added with vinegar, it will have an abrasive chemical reaction that can break down the stubborn obstructions! It's that simple to have a smooth water pipe! Although the Zusai image is resolved, to ensure that this situation does not occur again, it is still necessary to pay attention to the daily use to ensure that the vegetable residue does not flush into the water pipe, so that the water pipe is unobstructed. I cooked lunch at home on Sunday. As I was rushing to do another thing, I found that the rice was actually half cooked. I suddenly thought that he did this last time when he encountered such a situation. That is, you can use chopsticks to pierce the holes in the bottom of the pot and sprinkle a little rice wine. If only the surface is sandwiched, just turn the surface to the middle and simmer. So it was made like the law, and it really came back, and the rice was cooked. Today, I accidentally dyed my clothes when I washed them. I thought that when I saw a piece of clothes dyed on the Internet a few days ago, I could use beer to restore and whiten it. It doesn't matter if you pour the beer into the basin and the whole can, then stir it with your bare hands, and gradually restore the stained area, while the white area will appear brighter. That's because the ingredients of beer contain active oxygen and vitamin C, and hair removal has redox ability, which can make the dye fade. Really works! The office recently bought a coffee machine that made my colleagues feel too happy. Every morning my colleagues would make a cup of coffee to boost their spirits and make their work smoother. So a pile of coffee grounds accumulated. I once saw the wonderful use of coffee grounds. Coffee grounds have a deodorizing effect, which is very suitable for deodorizing. Some people smoke in the office, so putting a layer of coffee grounds in the ashtray for a while can really eliminate the smoke. The coffee grounds can also be placed in the shoe cabinet. Because the shoe cabinet is closed for a long time, and there are many shoes placed, there will be bursts of odors when the shoe cabinet is opened. Deodorizing and moisture-proof effect!


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